Decodoku:Puzzles Competition

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Then help us out! By solving our puzzles you couldĀ contributeĀ to science!

Like Sudoku, our puzzles are based on a simple grid with numbers in. The numbers come in groups, usually small (in terms of width and height), and each adds up to a multiple of 10. Using this fact, you just need to work out what is in the two ? squares.

To try out your skills you can find some example puzzles below. You can also check out the app on the App Store and Play Store , or print out our book .

Once you are an expert, fill in our survey to tell us all about your method. You'll be given some particularly tricky puzzles, and just need to tell us how you did them.

The puzzles are based on the science behind quantum computers. By telling us how to solve them, you are helping us to keep quantum computers free of noise. For more info on the puzzles, and the science behind them, see here .

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Example Puzzles


Here the full solution is shown, to help you get an idea of what's going on. But actually, only the values in the ? blocks are important. As long as you have those right, your solution is fully correct.